Control your management with our data protection support platform

Tek4DPO Platform

Register of Processing Activities

Total generated RoPA


With Tek4DPO platform, you can streamline and minimize the burden of data protection management and processes!

DPO daily activities management

Register of Processing Activities (RoPA)

Accountability and Compliance

Management documentation archive

Privacy risk analysis

Activities reports

A complete solution for data protection management

Facilitates communication and collaboration between DPO and processing activities responsibles
Processing Activities Templates
Access to pre-built forms with answers adapted to the reality of your sector
Vulnerability Alerts
Register your Information Systems and check vulnerability alerts associated with them
Allows the management of one or several organizations, ideal for managing multiple entities, companies or customers

Product Customers

Tek4DPO Platform

Support the Data Protection Officer activity, compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


We promote specialized solutions adjusted to the organization's reality, that by the nature of their activities, they process information and personal data.

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